A few words from previous winners

A few words from previous winners

by adminsba

It was great to win the award and really appreciated by the team. It was fantastic to get that recognition after all the hard work put in by everyone!


We won Business of the Year and Business Person of the Year at the Stockport Business Awards in 2014. The awards had a significant impact on our local profile, and also opened up several opportunities – both for us in terms of clients, but also for connecting with other organisations within the local area. A good example would be our fundraising partnership with the charity Together Trust, whom we met at the Awards. In addition, actually winning the awards had a more intangible impact on us as a company; it’s a great feeling to be recognised by your peers for your success, and awards such as this are an opportunity to really highlight the impact and involvement that every member of staff has throughout the company, and to celebrate those contributions.

-DJS Research

The SBA award night was a fabulous occasion with a genuine sense of excitement. The Premier team of 4 along with 2 guests from USA had a fantastic time .The added bonus was of course  winning the International Business of the Year award. The award has given a real sense of recognition to our hard working Premier Team .We have also been contacted by several of our customers and business partners offering congratulations. There is no doubt that this award has boosted our social media profile and been a great talking point.

-Premier Textiles

It was a great accolade for our Co-founder and Chairman, Tom Hogg, to win a Special Recognition award for his outstanding contribution to the Stockport business community. We were delighted to see his investment in the borough recognised in this way, and in particular his commitment to creating employment and training opportunities for local people.

The resulting PR has helped to raise Stockport’s profile as a growing technology hub, signposting our new state-of-the-art campus and cementing CDL’s reputation as an employer of choice in the region.


Winning the 2016 Stockport Business Award for Best Not For Profit Organisation has been immensely beneficial for Seashell Trust.  The award itself brings with it great kudos.  It demonstrates to our many supporters, both in the business community and amongst the wider Stockport community, that Seashell is a leader in the not-for-profit sector.  This is vital for Seashell because, as a charity, people place great trust in us and our work.  

Affirmation from business peers that Seashell Trust is at the top of its game is real recognition for the work we do with extremely vulnerable children and young people and a sign of how well we run our business which employs over 450 people.

-Seashell Trust