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Logo Use Policy

The Stockport Business Awards logo as featured on this website and all official Stockport Business Awards materials belongs to Clarke Nicklin LLP.

It is essential that every impression our brand makes — whether on-line, in print or video — is clear, consistent and distinctive. By following these graphic standards, you will help to ensure our success today and for tomorrow.

Conditions of use

  • When scaling up or down the logo please ensure you do not distort the proportions in any way and always keep the clear zones applied.
  • All visuals of proposed usage must be supplied to for approval.
  • If any design is presented and considered to be misusing the Stockport Business Awards brand you will be advised of the appropriate changes required for approval.
  • You must ensure you seek approval, as we reserve the right to ask you to withdraw any unapproved marketing material without it.
  • Proper use of the logo will incorporate both the graphic and text elements including the sponsor’s logos.
  • When used on a website or any other digital media the logo must provide a link to the Stockport Business Awards website –

Color, Texture and Background

  • The logo should always be used in the full colours as shown and always be placed on a white background with the clear zone applied.
  • If the colours of the logo need to be changed for any reason e.g. printing you must seek approval first.

Prohibited Use

It is our policy that the Stockport Business Awards logo be used without modification or alteration and in an appropriate manner. Examples of prohibited use include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Any implication of endorsement by the organisation or its activities;
    • Commercial uses (placement of the logo on product packaging);
    • An individual’s use of the logo for purposes other than acknowledging      membership or participation in our activities;
    • Combination of the Stockport Business Awards logo with another logo without approval.

Requests for Use Outside Described Scope

Requests for use of the name or logos which fall outside the scope of the policy, or proposed variations on the logo design are to be brought to the attention of CN Corporate Ltd via